KX Driver Install

Download the Proper driver for mac or pc below


Download the driver and unzip the file. Once the driver is unzipped you will need to run the installation file shown below.

Click on the folder until you see en and open.

Look for the file name KmInstall and double click to open. Windows will ask you if you want to allow this program to make changes, select yes to continue

Once the Program opens click Accept to continue with the installation

Click OK to continue

Click Custom Install

Here you should see your printer show up in the list below, if you do not see your device you can type in the IP address in the box that says “Search Devices”.


If the device is still not showing up it means your device is either not connected to the network or is not on the same network your computer is on.

Click on your device and then click the top arrow to add it to the install list

Click “KX Driver” and then click the bottom arrow to add it to the install list

Click Install

Click “No, I do not want to take part in this feature”

Once the install is done click all three boxes so only Print test page is checked and click finish.

Once you verify the test page printed close out of the program and you are all finished.


Download and unzip the file

open the dmg file

select the pkg file

Click continue

Click continue

Click agree

Click Install

Type in your password and click install software

Click close

Open System Preferences and select printers and scanners

Click the plus button

Click add printer or scanner

Select IP

Select IPP in the drop down box and change to LPD

Type in the Ip address of your Copier or Printer

Click under name and change the name to your desired printer name and click add

Select the options your printer has and click ok

You have now finished and able to print using the Kyocera driver


Updated on October 25, 2022

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