Tone Curve Adjustment

After prolonged use, or from the effects of surrounding temperature or humidity, the printed output tone may differ from the original. Perform this function to ensure consistency with the original tone. Before executing Tone Curve Adjustment, execute calibration. If calibration does not improve the tones, perform Tone Curve Adjustment.

A total of 3 pattern pages (No. 1 to 3) are printed during adjustment. The printed patterns are read sequentially during the adjustment.

  1. Display the screen.[System Menu/Counter] key > [Adjustment/Maintenance] > “Tone Curve Adjustment” [Next]
  2. Select [Start]. A pattern is printed.
    Check that the number “1” is printed at the bottom of the pattern.
  3. As shown in the illustration, place the printed side down on the platen with the edge with the arrows toward the back.

  4. Select [Start]. The pattern is read and adjustment begins. The second pattern is output.
  5. Check that the number “2” (to “3”) is printed at the bottom of the pattern and repeat steps 2 to 3 twice to read pattern 2 and 3 in sequence.
  6. Select [OK] in the adjustment end confirmation screen.

Updated on October 29, 2021

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